Unlimited Kilometers Vs Limited Kilometers

There are two options for the rental of your vehicle, by choosing the unlimited kilometers ( H ) option, there is no limit on the kilometers made by the customer during the rental.

Opting for Limited Kilometers option ( RATE-LKMS), the rental price is relatively lower, but the car is limited to 50 km a day. At the end of the rental if the client has exceeded the total of kilometers allowed, they will be charged € 0.37 per additional KM.

Station Schedule

All deliveries out of the First Rent A Car station's regular schedule (09H00 - 18H30), have an additional cost of 44,90€.

Franchise and Insurance

The client is obliged to present a credit card in the name of the driver at the begging of the rental; all vehicles have a franchise (what is the franchise?) associated which the driver is resposible for the vehicle.

All vehicles have an obligatory franchise: Groups  3, 4, A, A1, C e G - 1500€ , Groups 7, H, I, J, N e N1 - 2000€ , Groups 8, L e S 2500€. All franchises can be reduced upon getting an additional insurance as SCDW (150€) or SSCDW (0€), in both situations a credit card is necessary.


1. Under penalty of being excluded from insurance cover and, thus considered as not being insured, the Client agrees to ensure that the vehicle is not driven by any individuals other than those identified and accepted by First Rent as stipulated in the hire Contract or any appendix or alterations that are an integral part of it.

2. The Client is also obliged to not use the vehicle or to ensure that it's not used, under the penalty of incurring what's referred in the first part of the previous clause:

a) for the transport of passengers or goods, in exchange of any compensation or remuneration implicit pr explicit, whichever the form of commitment it is;

b) to haul or push any vehicle or trailer and/or any other object, with or without wheels;

c) for sporting events, official or non-official;

d) under the influence of alcohol or drugs;

e) for any transport in violation of customs regulations or which in any other way may be ilegal;

f)for the transport of passengers or goods in transgression of what is referred in the official booklet for the vehicle.

3. The Client is obliged to, outside the period of the use, keep the vehicle duly closed and locked and to not leave in the documents relating to the vehicle, which they should always carry with them.

4. The Client is expressly forbidden to sell, mortgage or, in anyway, hand over the vehicle, this Contract, its documents or its tools as a guarantee or make use of these in anyway that could prejudice First Rent.

5. Any infringement referred in this article will serve as authorisation for First Rent to take the vehicle away from the Client, without prior notice and without affecting the indemnities, under the law or according to the terms of this Contract, they are obliged to provide.


1.  The Client expressly declares that they received the vehicle in the condition mentioned in the rental agreement, equipped with five tyres in good condition and whithout any punctures, pledging to return the car in the same condition that it was delivered to them. In case of any damage occurred during the rental period the Client is responsible for the payment of them up to the maximum excess waiver.

2. The violation of the kilometer limit is stricly forbidden. Sholud this take place, First Rent is authorised to charge the Client 500Km/per day, without affecting any legal procedures for fraudulent use.


1.  The cost of rent, the amount of payment in advance and the price for any extension of the rented period will be determined by the rates in force on each occasion and paid in advance. Owners of credit cards or other guarantees accepted by FIRST RENT are not required to carry out payments in advance provided that this falls within the conditions and/or the credit limits of the cards referred to.

2.  In any case, payment in advance can serve as an extension of the rented period. Should the Client wish to remain with the vehicle beyond the period initially agreed upon and so as to avoid disagreements, the Client is obliged to obtain in advance agrreement from First Rent to pay immediatly the amount for the rented period in progress and the payment in advance of the extension.

3.  Lack of compliance with what is referred in the previous clause allows First Rent to unleash the suitable legal or criminal procedures.

4.  The Client is obliged to return the vehicle to First Rent on the date and at the location expected in the first page of this Contract. Should they not do so, the Contract will not be considered terminated.


1.  The  Client is expressly obliged to pay to First Rent, as and when requested by means of proof given by First Rent, of the costs incured and the damages in cause:

a) the corresponding ammount to the kilometres travelled/or the number of days used, during period, calculated according to the rate in force and specified in the Contract; the kilometres travelled will determined by reading the kilometer counter installed in the vehicle by the manufacturer. Should the kilometer counter malfunction, and not immediately reported to First Rent so that it can be repaired, the calculation will be carried out according to the terms laid in clause 2 of ARTICLE 2;

b) an additional charge for inter-city services, according to what is referred in the Contract, should this be the case; or if the vehicle is left in a place other than that previously agreed by First Rent, a kilometric indemnity will take effect or a return rate according to the rates in force for the distance between the location where the vehicle is left and its origin;

c) the amount corresponding to the duration of the rent period and any damages in case of accident that may have ocurred or theft not covered by the insurance, the insurance premiums for the driver and for individuals in the vehicle, if such insurance is taken out;

d) all taxes and/or duties required resulting from the predicted circunstances in clauses a), b) and c);

e) all legal and extra-legal expenses, fines and other monetary sanctions, whatever their nature, resulting from the violation of any legal regulations imposed on the Client or on the vehicle while in the ownership of the Client, except those for which the First Rent is to blame;

f)  all other expenses, including legal ones, fees from lawers or solicitors contracted by First Rent to obtain payment of any amounts due from the Client

g) the cost of repairs and damages that may have been caused by shock, collision, overturning and/or theft of the vehicle and its immobilisation. For the purposes of what's referred in this clause it is understood that:

-    in the charges to be made the rates will be used in force at the time of the occurrence of the facts;

-    The Client will be in no way responsible under this clause provided that the vehicle has been used in accordance with the terms and conditions laid down in the Contract and, cumulatively, they has previously contracted with First Rent the payment of the insurance rate corresponding to cover for collision risks CDW, SUPER CDW and TP, by placing their signature or initials on the Contract, remaining in the meantime always responsible for the payment of the excess in force on each occasion and in accordance with the car hire rates.

All transactions made through our website through bank references, direct payment through credit card, debit card, Mastercard and others are processed by an external company - EasyPay (www.easypay.pt)


1. The client must have an credit card in name of the driver to present when picking up the car, all the cars have a securiy deposit (what is the excess?)

2- All the cars have a security deposit, Groups 3,4, A, A1,C and G - 1500€, Groups 7, H, I, J, N - 2000€, Groups 8, L and S - 2500€ . You allways can reduce the security deposit if you make an additional insurance like SCDW (150€) or SSCDW (0€), in both cases the client must have an valid credit card to present.

3.  The Client or the authorized driver of the vehicle according to that established in the 1st clause of this Contract, is insured under a car insurance policy covering unlimited Civil Liability, in conformity with the laws in force in the Country.

4. The Client agrees to protect the interests of  First Rent and of the Insurance Company of First Rent in case of an accident during the hire period in the following ways:

a) they are obliged to report to First Rent any accident, theft, robbery or fire, even if partial, within a maximum of 24 hours. They are obliged at the same time to report immediately to the police authorities all accidents in which there is any bodily harm, cases of robbery or theft and those in which the blame of the other party should be clarified;

b) they are obliged to mention, when reporting the circumstances in which the accident occurred, the date, time, place, name and address of the witnesses, the name and address of the owner and of the driver of the other vehicle involved and the number plates, type, Insurance Company and insurance policy number of the other vehicle;

c) they are obliged to not declare, in any event, that they is responsible or to blame for the accident before the other party.

5. At the time of the rental, the Client can choose the complementary insurance CDW and SUPER CDW, – damages to the vehicle – and/or TP – complety stolen or partially of the vehicle:

a) insurance CDW: if not identified in the agreed statement of facts that there’s a third party responsible for the damages caused to the vehicle, Client is held responsible for the payment up to the minimum excess charge deductible waiver valid at the time of the rental, unless he has accepted the SUPER CDW insurance;

b) insurance TP: after showing the documents proof of the local authorities, area police, where the vehicle was stolen, at the time of the complaint, if not identified the plaintiff, the Client is held responsible for the payment up to the minimum excess charge deductible waiver valid at the time of the rental;

c) the warrantee dispatch for the complementary insurance CDW, SUPER CDW and TP, mentioned in this Article can be nullified for any effect if The Client and/or driver don’t observe the disposed on the Article nº 4;

d) only with the acceptance of the insurance, CDW and TP, the Client will be able to benefit, for the SUPER CDW, which will enable him to acquit responsibility of payment or any deductible waiver in case of accident, stolen vehicle or other damages caused to the rented vehicle, without any prejudice application to the disposed in nº 4 and 5 of the present General Conditions.

6. Only the Client and/or the drivers authorized by First Rent in the Contract, will benefit from CDW, SUPER CDW and TP, insurance. Lack of observance of this provision implies the total cancellation of the cover contained in this Article. The provisions of this Article will also be cancelled should there be an accident caused by negligence or non-compliance on the part of the Client and/or the driver of all the General Conditions for car hire and of the regulations of the Highway Code and any other legislation applicable. The coverage of the insurance TP can be equally nullified if the Client/Driver doesen’t return the keys of the stolen vehicle.

7. Even if the Client accepted the CDW and SUPER CDW insurance, any damage caused to the vehicle hired resulting from misuse of the same, will be at the expense of the Client. These insurance don’t acquit responsibilities on behalf of The Client from paying for damages caused in the upper and lower parts of the vehicle when there is no collision.  Should there be an accident resulting from excess of speed, or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or through negligence, the insurance CDW and SUPER CDW will be without effect and the Client will pay First Rent the full amount for any expenses for repair and an indemnity for the time the vehicle involved in the accident is out of operation.

8. Individual insurance can be established by agreement in favor of the driver and individuals transported against personal accident. The limit for this will be contained in the insurance policy and cover for medical assistance and hospital expenses will also be envisages within certain approved limits. Additional information will be given at the request of the Client.

9. The Client frees the First Rent of all and any responsibility for a loss, theft, robbery or damage of whatever nature, relating to objects and/or utensils transported or which are found in the vehicle, including, in particular, baggage and/or goods – except in case of proof

10. First Rent has the right to reverberate the Client all the costs incurred for not extending in due the Rental Agrrement, as result of na accident or vehicle being stolen.

11. Likewise there will be no insurance cover for any driver who is not in possession of a driving licence valid for over a year if they drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs in which case the Client and/or the driver will be fully responsible for any damages caused to First Rent.

12. If The Client deliberately provides First Rent with false information  relatively to their identy, address or validation of driver's license, First Rent has right to reverberate the Client with all costs incurred regarding their declaration.


1.  Normal mechanical maintenance arising from normal use will be on the account of The Client. In case of the vehicle being immobilized, the repairs can only be carried out with prior agreement in writing from First Rent and in accordance with the instructions given except if its not possible to contact the hire’s service assistance and repairs.

2.  Any repairs, after being carried out, should be included in the detailed invoice, indicating the parts substituted.


1.  Fuel, parking and car washes,during the period of the rental, will always be paid by the Client who should also always verify the level of oil and of the water. Any expense with oil should be duly verified so as to enable repayment. Invoicing of fuel: the vehicle will be handed over with a certain amount of fuel in the tank and should be returned with the same ammount or more. If the Client does not observe this condition, as well as paying for the fuel lacking they recognize the right of First Rent to invoice a refueling service charge to cover expenses.

2.  In case another type of fuel than the one used by the vehicle is introduced, the Client will be responsible for the cost involving the full substitution of the fuel, the dismounting and cleaning of the deposit, the tunning of the engine, and any other damage caused to the vehicle, without questioning the amounts involved.


All and any alterations to the terms and articles of this contract which have not been agreed in writing shall be cancelled and have no effect.


1. This rental contract is based on the legislation of the the country in which it is signed and is governed by said legislation.

2. The renedl vehicle covered by this contract may leave the country, without prejudice to the restrictions in Article 10 and provided it is driven by one of the of the drivers identified in the contract and First Rent has given prior authorization in writing.

3. The parties agree to establish the Oporto district courts to settle any disputes arising from the contract, to the express exclusion of all others.

4   The personal data in this contract shall be entered in First Rent’s database for computer processing and shall be sent to the ARAC in case of any breach of contract. The Client may have access to their data and ask First Rent to correct them (Law N. 10/91)

ARTº 10º Cancellation Policy and refund

1. All reservations made through the website of the First Rent A Car can be canceled as long as the order cancellation is made 48 hours in advance, so the client can access effect "Private Area" and makes the termination of your booking or by contacting our reservation center 707 22 44 66, or by email to: reservas@firstrent.pt.

2. All the reservations can be canceled, but the client should pay 50€
3. All refunds are issued when you make the request for cancellation. The client will be refunded through the same payment method they use to pay the booking. Refunds can take up to 12 business days depending of the method used.

4. No refund will be made if the rental terminated early, if the client fails to appear to pick up the car, if the booking is canceled with less 48 hours before or after the starting date of the rental period, if the client does not have a valid driver's license or if doesn't present an credit card in name of the driver to make the security deposit of the car.

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