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 Porto Station

Address: Rua Pinto Bessa, 588, 4300-428 Porto

Mon. - Fri: 09H - 18H

Tel: +351 229 568 856&nbps;   Fax: +351 225 151 559

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About the place

The city of Porto (also known as “Cidade Invicta”) is the city that gave name to Portugal. It is the Northern Capital of Portugal, also known worldwide for its wine, its bridges and ancient and contemporary architecture, its historical center, listed as World Heritage by UNESCO, as well as for its food.

The population of Porto won the nickname “tripeiros” (an expression more affectionate than pejorative) because of the sacrifices they made to support the preparation of the army which departed in 1415 to the conquest of Ceuta. The population offered the expedition all the meat available, leaving only the tripe, the guts and the bowels. Then they accomplished a tasty dish that is now mandatory on any restaurant menu. This is also the reason why the traditional dish of the city is still, today, the Tripe Porto (“Tripas à Moda do Porto”). There is even a brotherhood especially dedicated to this dish.

First Rent´s station in Porto is strategically located close to the city center, train and subway stations, with excellent access to the airport, making this the most suitable station for those who want to visit and to be dazzled by the wonders of this city!

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