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Car rental


Car rental from 29,90€ /day* for groups A (Citroen C1 or smilar) for rentals in Madeira.


Car rental rate for Groups A in Madeira:

1-2 days = 39,90€*

3-6 days = 34,90€*

7 or +days = 29,90€*


Note: You must have an credit card to leave a security deposit of 900€, you can reduce that deposit if you add more protection to the car by making an insurance like SCDW or SSCDW, you can find this insurance in Extras page.

*upon availability

Why choose FirstRent?

Car rental benefits with FirstRent

  • Online booking - simple and safe

  • commitment- Best price in the market

  • 360º solutions - Multi services

  • Fleet - new and diverse

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