Why you should rent a car in Braga this Summer

Published in General in July 14, 2017

Capital of Youth and Minho, Braga is one of the oldest cities in Portugal. Simultaneously it is a city grows by the day, so whether you want to visit modern or ancestral attractions, the city is defenitly an interesting summer destination.

In addition to the city center, the old Bracara Augusta is surrounded by the best that nature has to offer. The ideal will be to rent a car in Braga and get to know the region this summer. Find out why!

Why you should rent a car in Braga this Summer

The Nature in Braga

Natureza em Braga

Situated in the Minho region, the city of Braga is naturally surrounded by nature. If you like to be surrounded by the best that the planet has to offer, Gerês is a place that you can not miss. Renting a car in Braga is the best option to get to the Peneda-Gerês National Park, but to discover the best rails, waterfalls and rivers you have to grab your backpack and do it on foot.


The culture of Braga

Culture em Braga

In addition to impressive elements of religious architecture such as the Cathedral of Braga, the Monastery of Tibais or Monte do Bom Jesus, in Braga you can also admire some vestiges of Roman civilization like the Roman Baths of Maximinos. From the center of the city to the suburbs, Minho capitaç is full of buildings and museums worthy of your attention.


The Gastronomy of Braga

Gastronomia em Braga

Those who visits Minho and did not enjoy its gastronomy, they are missing out! From Rojões in the fashion of Minho, Codfish à Minhota to Cavaca of Minho, many delicacies will make you put the diet aside (at least for a few days). Sit on the outside and let yourself be delighted by one of these dishes and a glass of local wine.


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