Meet the portuguese route 66

Published in General in July 8, 2016

Driving through route 66 with a Mustang without destination, just enjoying every kilometer and every landscape, it is the dream roadtrip of anyone. However, sometimes we dream about doing something in such a remote location when it is possible to do it nearby. You no longer need to travel to the United States to explore the famous route. Meet the project that promises to transform the national roadway 2 in the portuguese route 66.

The touristic route that will unite Portugal from North to South


National roadway 2 is the largest historic road in Europe and the only one capable of withstand the american route 66 or the route 40 of Argentina. There are more than 700 kilometers that unite Chaves, in the north, to the algarvian town of Faro.

The project, driven by Santa Marta de Penaguião, promises to improve all the rout on the tourist level and develop its true potential. The tourist route involves 32 municipalities and the aim is that those who go through it would be able to absorb the culture, cuisine, tourist attractions and the charisma of each location.

The portuguese route does not offer the landscapes of the Grand Canyon and you will not find a diner where you can eat pancakes and bacon or overnight staying in a cheap Motel. However you can count on the presence of towering mountains, valleys and rivers along the way. As for the pancakes you can replace it with local delicacies of the portuguese regions, which you will not find in any other place in the world. As for the place of accommodation, nothing better than the friendly and personal service of a residential or pasto's house.

The idea is to tour the country from inside and discover the inner portuguese essence. It's best way to get to know different people and the see how the landscape changes throughout the country. Discover and rediscover the most secret and genuine places. After all, the idea is american but the dream is portuguese.

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