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Published in General in June 10, 2016

Porto. Douro. Only these two words combined are enough to create a scenery in our mind. The tourism in Porto is increasing every year as well as the number of people who wants to visit the city. The streets of the historic center , the terraces along the river , the river, the gardens , the people ... everything contributes to the growing demand for Invicta.

If you like to get a postcard of the cities you visit , Porto is the best place to do it. The characteristics of Porto make the panoramic city views inspiring. If look carefully you will see that the river follows your tracks and that in each little street in each garden the river pops up, ready to give a certain magic to the landscape. First Rent a Car Porto gathered a small list of the best views and invites you to enjoy it aboard our vehicles.

Best Views of Porto

Palácio de Cristal Gardens


This is the best season to visit the Gardens of Palácio de Cristal. With the sun shining, the flowers of the gardens come alive and rejoice the views of those who wander there. Add the lake and the statues and you will experience one of the most romantic places in town. The Municipal Library Almeida Garrett, the Chapel of Charles Albert of Sardinia, the woods and themed gardens are some of the attractions you should visit. Best of all, you can enjoy your ride with the panoramic view of the Douro river always by your side.

Virtudes Garden


Park your First Rent a Car Porto vehicle, go towards Virtudes Walk and get ready to walk through the garden. The Virtudes Fountain is a national monument of great beauty so you should not miss the opportunity to observe it. All elements of the Virtude Garden contribute to the magical setting but the greatest virtue of all is certainly the panoramic view of Douro River.

D. Luís I Bridge


D. Luis I Bridge is the symbol of Porto city. The bridge consists of two trays and it was built between 1881 and 1888 in order to connect the cities of Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia. The metal structure is one of the most imposing buildings of the city and the most famous as the project was awarded at the Paris Universal Exhibition of 1878. The best way to enjoy the view of the Douro river is to do it by car on the bridge. Why don't you go on a First Rent a Car Porto car? Try it!

Morro Garden


We know that the Morro Garden is located on the Avenida da República in Vila Nova de Gaia, but the views, those are over Porto. Built in 1927, it's a green space with a view over Douro river and D. Luís I Bridge. Record the landscape in every way you can since you will want to remember it later. Sugestion: lay on the grass and watch the sunset or do it aboard Vila Nova de Gaia cable car. It's your choice.

Serra do Pilar Convent


As you are currently by Vila Nova de Gaia side enjoy visiting the viewpoint of Serra do Pilar. In this place stands the convent, whose name derives from its location – Serra do Pilar Convent. The building and the view are completed by its grandiosity and magistrality. Stop and take in the view where D. Luis I Bridge, the Ribeira and the historic center of Porto are the protagonists.

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