Car Rental: What to do before your trip

Published in General in April 28, 2017

When choosing a car rental service, whether for vacations or business trips, the goal is to be able to enjoy your vehicle without any kind of unexpected occurrences. Although you can't predict this kind of situations, there is always a way to prevent this unpleasant events.

In order to get the best car rental experience, First Rent a Car has prepared a short list of steps you should follow before you start your trip. We want to make sure everything runs smoothly on wheels!

5 Tips to get the best Car Rental experience

1# Check the car paint

It is important to ckeck the state of the vehicle before starting your journey. Transparency is important in any business, so it is crucial that both parts are crystal clear before renting cars.

Pintura do carro


2# Start the car

Be aware of all the car's noises and report to the staff if you think something sounds off. When you opt for a car rental service, ensuring that the vehicle has a good performance is a step to ensure that you will not get stuck somewhere along the journey.

Start and Stop


3# Know how the car's features works

Learn how to open the windows, how to turn on the air conditioning, how to adjust the rear view mirror, how to turn on the lights, etc. All these little things make a huge difference in your driving experience. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the car you will drive.

Retrovisor do carro


4# Check the car fuel

It seems like a trivial matter, but when opting for a car rental service you should always remember that the vehicle you are driving is not yours. Ask for information about the type of fuel with which you must supply the car in question.



5# Switch on the car radio

At Last but not least: make sure you have fun! Turn on your car radio, tune in to your favorite station, and start your trip. Now, you are prepared to go off to the world!

Rádio do carro

With First Rent a Car your Car Rental experience will always be the best. Make your reservation now !

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