8 Reasons why you should NEVER rent a car

Published in General in May 26, 2017

It is common knowledge that you should never rent a car under any circumstances. In fact, there is no advantage in having a car during your trips, you can simply sweat inside the subway, succumb to the delays of public transportation and pay absurd amounts for a taxi ride of 2.3 seconds.

If you are planning to rent a car in Portugal, do it at your own risk. In a country with so many charms, perhaps it won't be worth it to ride it by car. First Rent a Car advises you to know the reasons why you should never, ever, ever... rent a car.

8 Reasons why you should NEVER rent a car

1# Hanging out in the hotel is way more fun

Alugue carro e saia do hotel

Who would like to get to know Portugal from north to south and visit all the points of interest? It is much more pleasant to stay at the hotel watching foreign TV.


2# Use the time between your trips to meditate

Alugar carro é mais rápido

Rather than renting a car and driving around at your own pace, you can test meditation techniques so you do not despair waiting 2 hours for the next public transport.


3# Getting lost is so not cool

Alugue carro e perca-se no caminho

The worst that could happen on a trip is undoubtedly to get lost. Change the route? Be spontaneous? Discover interesting places? Travel without rules? Buuu...that's boring!


4# Travelling by car is so not confortable

Alugar carro é mais confortável

Traveling in a spacious car, with air conditioning and radio does not seem pleasant, at all. The best thing is to make your trip standing in a bus or subway, way to close to strangers.


5# Traveling = wasting money

Alugue carro e poupe dinheiro

The best thing about traveling is spending 50 euros on a 3km taxi ride rather than renting a car. It's part of the plans, isn't?


6# Carrying your luggage is good to stay in shape


Carrying your luggage for hours with high temperatures in long journeys is great to keeping you in shape while on vacation.


7# Who needs privacy?

alugar carro permite-lhe ter privacidade

The best part of your romantic trip will be to share every moment with your soulmate.. and the remaining passengers of the subway, the bus or the taxi driver.


8# What about freedom?

Ao alugar carro tem mais liberdade

Rent a car and go off road, free as a bird, doesn't seem like a good idea! (cof, cof)!

Seriously, rent a car with First Rent a Car and enjoy your ride!

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