5 Car rental myths you shouldn't believe in – Part II

Published in General in March 31, 2017

We all heard a story of a friend of a friend that had a bad experience and we all have easy access to information about any subject type. However, it's only good to be informed if the information is reliable.

Car rental services are surprisingly surrounded by myths associated with the processes, staff, policies and contracts. We already showed you the truth behind some car rental myths but since there is no such thing as too much information, here's another car rental myths you shouldn't believe in.

The truth behind car rental myths

Mitos sobre aluguer de carros

Myth #1 – Car Rental companies are all the same

In any service there are always good and bad professionals. Do not be scared just because you had a bad experience with a car rental company in the past because you may be missing out on a good experience in the future. Be aware of the terms and conditions and continue to explore your options. Tip: Have you tried First Rent a Car?

Myth #2 – You pay the same price whether you book the car or not

During high season car rental prices may increase so you must book your car in advance. Arriving at the car rental company without reservation during this time you’re risking not having a car for you because of the high demand and in these circumstances, the price may be higher. Book before your trip and enjoy the season's special campaigns.

Myth #3 – If you miss your flight you can pick up the car the next day

If you miss your flight will you have another one waiting for you the next day? No, unless you inform the company and follow the procedure indicated for the situation. Likewise, you can only pick up your car the next day if you inform the staff and change the date of your reservation. Car rental companies work with computer systems, not crystal balls.

Myth #4 – The customer has no right to inspect the vehicle

This is not true! Feel free to check the vehicles before you hit the road. It is the client's right to analyze the condition of the vehicle before the trip and avoid problems on the delivery. Honesty is always the best policy.

Myth #5 - Car rental companies are always trying to fool you

The truth is we DO NOT arrange any kind of schemes to deceive you. However, seeing is believing so you should analyze every situation because not all companies follow the same policies! At First Rent a Car all the necessary information is at your disposal and you should waste some time to know what your rights and duties when renting a car.

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