yes, the car you hired can be driver by another person, for that you have to select the additional driver extra in the extra section.
In the price for car rental is included, unlimited Kilometers, VAT, theft insurance, travel assistance and CDW (collision damage waiver).
In the price we presented in our website, is included CDW (Collision damage waiver), TP (theft insurance), and you can add more protection to the car by adding more insurance in the extras section.
When you make a booking, the car you hired have an excess, this excess is the value you are responsible for the car in case of accident. You leave a security deposit in the beggining of the rental, and when you return the car the security deposit it's canceld with you. For that you must have an credit card. The credit card must be in the driver's name. Excess by Groups: A,A1,C,G - 900€ H,I,J,N,N1- 1250€ L,S- 1500€ In each case you can reduce the amount of the security deposit, by making an insurance like this (SCDW or SSCDW), but you allways must have an credit card to present when you pick up the car
You can contact First Rent Head Office (+351 707 22 44 66), and call to travel assitance number, you can find this number in the documents you have in the glove department of the car.
In case of accident with the rented car, you should call the authorities, complete the accident report, you can find this paper in glove department. If the car is immobilized call for travel assistance 707 206 116 in Portugal or 0035 17 707 200 116 in case of being abroad. You also can find the travel assistance number in the glove departement of the car.
Yes you can return the car after Hours or you can extend your rental. if you are delayed, please contact our head office and inform that, we give on hour tolerance if you inform us first. If you make the booking for after Hours, (we consider after Hours when the pickup or return its out of the station schedule), you have to apply the extra Out of Hours.
In this moment we have only one payment method available (Payapl) for online bookings. If you have any problem with the payment please contact us ( ) and request our bank account details.
Todas as viaturas apresentadas estão disponíveis, com excepção das viaturas comerciais que necessitam de confirmação por parte do departamento comercial.
The credit card is mandatory to make the rental. Must present the credit card to leave the security deposit of the car. Without credit card i don't make the rental.
All drivers must be 18 years old and have drive license. If you are between 18 and 22 years old then you are obliged to add the young driver insurance to your rental, to drive our cars.
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