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Full tank service

Fuel purchase option for your rental. You purchase the fuel directly to First Rent a car in the beggining of the rental or when you make the booking. We have competitive prices for that.
With this option you won't have to refuel before returning the car.

Please note that we will not refund for unused fuel.


This options are available in all car rental stations of First Rent a car.


Car rental - Full tank service:
Group A - 70,00€; Group C, G - 80,00€; Group H, H1 - 85,00€  
Group I, J - 90,00€; Group L, N,N1 - 100,00€; Group S - 120,00€  

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Car rental benefits with FirstRent

  • Online booking - simple and safe

  • commitment- Best price in the market

  • 360º solutions - Multi services

  • Fleet - new and diverse

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